Social Impact Courses

Designed with university faculty and staff to combine virtual consulting projects and cultural immersion in an international destination, these courses offer an immersive and powerful experience students will never forget.


Duration: on-campus for all or part of the semester + 6 to 14 days on-site.

Level: Graduate and Undergraduate students.

Custom dates & Locations for: South Africa, Spain, USA, Peru, Brazil.


  • A semester-long virtual consulting project with a nonprofit or social enterprise in an international location;

  • 6-14 day customized experiential learning opportunity and project delivery in a different country;

  • On-campus workshops with Emzingo. Topics can include, Human-Centered Consulting, Emotional Intelligence, Active Listening, An Intro to Business with Impact, and more.

  • Academic sessions on sustainability, impact-investing, social innovation, and more;

  • Interactions with social enterprises, nonprofits, and responsible business leaders;

  • A chance to actively explore opportunities within the social impact sector;

  • Design Thinking Social innovation Workshop (SIW) to assist nonprofit or social enterprise;

  • Interactions with social entrepreneurs or enterprises, and visits to culturally and historically significant sites in Peru, South Africa, USA, Spain or Brazil.


  • Gain first hand consulting experience working with a nonprofit or social enterprise;

  • Add cultural depth and a social impact component to your courses and international experiences;

  • Fully immerse students into the local culture and real-world challenges faced by social enterprises and nonprofits around the world;

  • Contribute to the mission of an incredible organization;

  • Gain powerful insights around the role of business in society by fully immersing students into the a hands-on consulting project;

  • Learn about a variety of themes including social entrepreneurship, microfinance, impact investing, and renewable energy;

  • Travel abroad and immerse yourself into a new culture.