Inspire responsible leadership.

Prepare leaders to tackle real challenges with effective solutions.

Connect business with society to drive a sustainable long-term vision.


Through a combination of cultural immersion, leadership and professional development, and hands on, project-based learning, we challenge our participants to grow as leaders and use their talents for meaningful positive impact.

Learn by Thinking

A comprehensive classroom-based and experiential curriculum focused on leadership development and human centered consulting with locally sourced subject matter experts, professors, and corporate stakeholders.

Learn by Doing

A hands-on social impact project, where participants apply their knowledge and skills to co-create solutions with a social enterprise, non-profit, or entrepreneur from Emzingo's partnership network.

Learn by Reflecting

An introspective learning model supported by expert facilitators and coaches, and focused on personal development, including peer-to-peer feedback, guided reflection, and professional coaching.

Leave your comfort zone: discover the world and transform yourself!


Our projects offer relevant, hands-on, experience and professional development in strategic organizational areas, including:

Business and Strategic Planning

Branding and Marketing Strategies

Impact Measurement and Financial Planning

Public Health and Program Development

Some examples...

Nanga Vhutshilo is an integrated child/family centred program for orphans, vulnerable, HIV/AIDS affected children, their caregivers and families.

A Past Project: Fellows developed a marketing strategy which realigned Nanga Vhutshilo's vision, mission, values and re-positioned the organization within the donor space. Fellows created and impremented marketing tools (brochures, website updates, etc.) that were immediately implemented.

X-runner is a social enterprise that provides an innovative sanitation solution to families that cannot have regular toilets. Their waterless toilets work in areas without sewage in Peru.

A Past Project: Fellows developed a revenue generation strategy by focusing on fundrasing and sales efforts, identifying potential new funders and investors, and piloting a new sales model which included training women in the local community as brand ambassadors and developing them as a local sales force.


All of our international programs include academic workshops that can also be given individually or in conjunction with a semester long course. They center on many of the following topics:

How has our definition of leadership changed in the last decade? What are the skills that future leaders will need to be successful in our changed world? Focusing on these major questions, the Emzingo designed IP explores the major failures in corporate leadership of the last few decades as well as the key competencies that we hope will shape the future of business and how it engages with society at large.

Our social innovation workshops range from a few hours to a full week. Participants learn and apply different frameworks –such as design thinking, human centered design, and Theory U. Students and other stakeholders work together to discover creative and innovative solutions to a challenge presented by the community, a local non-profit, or a social enterprise.

Learn how to use the social business model canvas to design, evaluate, and recommend improvements to business models with a social impact component, be it within their own businesses, or for an organization/business that they are supporting.

CultureFlex improves students’ understanding and ability to work across cultural, geographic, functional, and age differences by recognizing and challenging existing paradigms. We explore different cultural norms to better understand how to act and interact with others of different countries and cultures.

We work better when we focus on what we do best. Improve your ability to recognize and leverage your own strengths. Learn to identify your talents and develop them into strengths: a combination of skills, talents, and knowledge.

– Self-awareness and Emotional Intelligence.

– Individual and Team Resilience.

– Work with Purpose.

– Systems Thinking and Leadership.

– The B-Corp movement and redefinition of business as usual.

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