Emzingo Workshops

We create customized and innovative programming centered around global social innovation and leadership development.

Duration: from one-half day to 5 days.

Level: Graduate and undergraduate students.

Custom dates & Locations available in  South Africa, Spain, USA, Peru, Brazil.


All of our programs include academic workshops that can also be given individually or in conjunction with a semester long course.  They center on many of the following topics:


Adaptive Leadership

How has our definition of leadership changed in the last decade? What are the skills that future leaders will need to be successful in our changed world? Focusing on these major questions, the Emzingo designed IP explores the major failures in corporate leadership of the last few decades as well as the key competencies that we hope will shape the future of business and how it engages with society at large.


Social Innovation and Design Thinking Workshops

Our social innovation workshops range from a few hours to a full week. Participants learn and apply different frameworks –such as design thinking, human centered design, and Theory U. Students and other stakeholders work together to discover creative and innovative solutions to a challenge presented by the community, a local non-profit, or a social enterprise. Some modules include:

· Empathy and Observation-Based Discovery
· Insights for Innovation
· Idea Generation & Creativity
· Rapid Prototyping


Social Business Modeling

Learn how to use the social business model canvas to design, evaluate, and recommend improvements to business models with a social impact component, be it within their own businesses, or for an organization/business that they are supporting.


CultureFlex – Culture Flexibility and Intelligence

CultureFlex improves students’ understanding and ability to work across cultural, geographic, functional, and age differences by recognizing and challenging existing paradigms. We explore different cultural norms to better understand how to act and interact with others of different countries and cultures.


Strengths-Based Leadership

We work better when we focus on what we do best. Improve your ability to recognize and leverage your own strengths. Learn to identify your talents and develop them into strengths: a combination of skills, talents, and knowledge.


Other sessions include

· Human Centered Consulting
· Systems Thinking and Leadership
· Learning to Unlearn
· Finding purpose in your work
· The B-Corp movement: redefining “business as usual”
· Emotional Intelligence & Self-awareness
· Individual and team resilience
· Active Listening